So what’s a folding treadmill?

It’s a treadmill that folds up to save space when not being used and can be carried with you when on the go – it’s your trainer on wheels. These are machines are getting more and more popular in recent times.

Tips when using folding treadmills for weight loss

1. There’s a lot of information on the internet that says that treadmill running is not bad at all and will make you lose weight. The truth is there are many ways to lose weight and running is one of them. Treadmills allow you to run faster than outside.

2. There’s some evidence that running on a treadmill can cause more injuries compared to outdoor running due to minor drops in your center of balance as well as the possibility of falling off because of the lack of space for recovery. You might also use this as a way to find out your maximum running speed and technique based on the amount of space you have.

3. One of the best uses for folding treadmills is that they can be carried around when you travel or if you need to store them away. You should remember that most home treadmills which are not folding models are extremely heavy and difficult to move around. These folding machines are much lighter and can be easily moved from one place to another when necessary.

4. A folding treadmill can cost you quite a bit of money…it’s usually about 100 to 200 dollars more expensive than their regular counterparts. It is however not as expensive as buying a whole new treadmill when you might only need the one for your travels.

It’s usually not wise to use folding treadmills for weight loss unless it’s really necessary. Many people find that they just prefer outdoor running because it feels more natural, plus you don’t risk injury if you fall off. The other option is to purchase a treadmill that can be folded up and stored when not in use.