Wool beret is a type of headwear, usually made from wool, similar to a knitted hat. Wool berets are popular in Europe during winter time. The most common colors for them are black and gray – other colors will also do.

Usually worn by men, it is during the French Revolution that women started wearing them more. But in the early part of 20th century, the beret was seen to be a symbol of male chauvinism. Many women’s groups protested against the movement for wearing of this hat.

Benefits of wool beret

1. Comfort

The soft wool is comfortable enough to wear, and it can also be folded, twisted and compressed. It is easy to carry around and convenient to wear.

2. Durable

The wool used in making of these berets are of high quality and can last for a long time if well taken care of. Wool is also a good insulator – which means your head will remain warm in cold weather .

3. Fashionable.

Wool beret is very fashionable among men, and in UK, the black wool berets are commonly used, as well as the ones with small black and red flowers. The berets are made of wool and are available in different colors and designs.

4. Cost-effective

The price of wool is much cheaper than that of other materials that are used to make these hats, such as cotton. So, it will last long when it doesn’t get damaged from everyday wear and tear or over washing.

5. Elegant and comfortable.

The stylish beret may seem to be too formal for some, but it can also be worn in a casual way that makes it appear more elegant than others. It is very common to see people wearing woolen hats even during the summer season – such as those used for running or hiking. While it is true that the material is made of wool, it can actually help keep your head cooler under hot conditions.