For those of us who like to wear sandals in the summer, it can be hard to find the right pair that works with all of our outfits. And while any kind of sandal might seem like a good idea, many are uncomfortable and don’t fit well, making them better suited for your closet than your feet. If you’re shopping for sandals this season, consider these styles before you head to the store. You’ll be glad you did!


1. MJ

These sandals from Tkees feature a vintage-inspired design and cool metal buckles. Unlike many sandals, they are made of a full grain leather upper and a lightweight rubber sole that provides plenty of comfort.


2. JO

For a sporty look that you can wear from day to night, try these JO sneakers from Tkees. They feature an easy-to-wear slip-on design and an athletic feel. With plenty of support and cushioning, they’re perfect for your active days.


3. Gemma: Pigments

These chic, colorful sandals from Gemma provide great style and comfort for the summer. With an open toe design and a wedge heel, these sandals are ideal for wearing to the beach or out on the town.


4. Riley Vegan

For a more minimalist look, try these vegan sandals from Tkees. They have a simple design and vibrant colors that work with any outfit. Featuring a rubber sole, they are also extremely durable and long-lasting.


5. Riley

These sandals from Tkees feature a simple design that’s ideal for any outfit. With a leather upper, they are lightweight and durable. The open toe sandal ensures that your feet will stay cool, too.


6. Roe

For a luxurious, comfortable sandal that you can wear with almost anything, try the ROE sandal from Tkees. They feature a soft leather upper and an adjustable strap to keep your feet comfortable.


7. Lilu

For a minimalist look that’s perfect for any outfit, try the LILU sandal from Tkees. The simple black design is wonderful for any season and works with any look.


8. Sloane

For a stylish, strappy sandal, try the Sloane from Tkees. The adjustable strap and metallic buckles provide plenty of comfort that doesn’t take away from your overall look.


9. Gemma Cheetah

For a shoe that’s perfect for the summer, try the Gemma Cheetah sandal from Tkees. These sandals are made of soft, full grain leather that’s lightweight and durable. They easily adjust to ensure you have the best fit possible.


We can say that a great pair of sandals is something that you’ll want to wear all year long. They are not just for the summer months! If you’re still looking for the right pair of sandals, consider one of these options before heading out to purchase.