A mixed stitch scarf refers to a scarf with a variety of stitches. Choosing the right scarf is important if you would like to look fashionable. It could be a decision maker or break breaker for fashion lovers, but it is also not a trivial task to find the best one for yourself.

Factors to consider when buying a mixed stitch scarf

1. Gauge

The gauge is the most important factor in selecting a mixed stitch scarf. The gauge tells you the weight, thickness, and texture of the mixed stitch scarf. It varies from yarn to yarn. Usually, the thinner gauge is more popular with modern style while thicker gauges are preferred by older generations. If you are going to purchase a mixed stitch scarf as a present for your family, you should make sure that the recipient’s favorite gauge is on sale before purchasing.

2. Maintainability

Just like clothing, maintaining a scarf is also important to avoid it from getting old. If you are thinking of purchasing a knit scarf, you should also pay attention to its care instructions. For example, baby yarn could fall apart when washed while cashmere will be damaged if a high temperature is used during washing. So you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to ensure that your baby yarn scarf will look brand new.

3. Price

When you are ready to purchase a mixed stitch scarf, price is among the things to consider. And by “price”, I mean the price of an individual pattern. I don’t mean the cost of yarn, because mixed stitch scarf could be made from various combinations of yarn which would increase the total price because of yarn combination. To make an example, you could choose an expensive price for a pattern with a cheaper yarn blend if you feel that your budget is limited.


If you are looking for a simple style that could be used on any casual occasion, a baby yarn scarf could be a good option. If you are looking for an accessory that can complement your business attire, the cashmere and silk combination is probably the best choice. However, if you would like to stand out from the crowd during a party or wedding, you should try something bolder like a leather or denim pattern with chunky yarn. You could probably find one that is suitable for your taste or someone important to you.