The Eight Finest and Most Memorable Choices in Belly Bands Around

Are you planning on sending invites for an event that’s on the horizon? If you are, you should check out these eight amazing choices in belly bands.


1. Filigree

This is a sophisticated belly band that can genuinely take all of your invites to the next level. If you appreciate subtle yet timelessly sophisticated design approaches, you’ll want to jazz up your invitations with this strap.

2. Tradition

This belly band is a foil-pressed gem that delights with a smooth texture that’s reminiscent of cotton. If you want to impress your event guests with an invite approach that’s refined yet down-to-earth, this strap won’t let you down in any sense.

3. Draped

Are you on the lookout for a belly band that has a simultaneously intricate yet comforting vibe? Take a close look at this foil-pressed beauty and all that it has to offer. It has a lightweight yet sturdy feel, too.

4. Scripted Names

Few things on the planet can feel more welcoming than customization. If you want to dazzle your event guests with the joys of scripted names, this belly band is definitely the way to go. It boasts an intimate yet sophisticated ambiance.


5. Natural Monogram

Monogrammed belly bands can make your invites come across as being warm, welcoming and sophisticated all at the same exact time. If you’re waiting for foil-pressed belly bands that are straightforward yet enduring, this one is calling your name clearly and loudly.


6. Fleur

Simple floral designs can do so much to make belly bands and invites in general appear calming and refined. If you’re searching everywhere for belly bands that are classic and soothing, this floral choice will make you grin from ear to ear.

7. Gotham

This is a foil-pressed belly band that has a universal appeal to its credit. If you’re searching for an invite approach that may appeal to everyone on your guest list, this highly tasteful strap may be right up your alley. While it takes a rather simplistic approach to design, it’s the total opposite of ordinary.


8. Foil Foliage

The comforts of the autumn season are legendary. If you’re interested in belly bands that epitomize the magnificence of nature and the fall months in general, you’ll fall in love with this classic offering. It features fall leaves that will make you think of chilly and cozy afternoons in September and October.