1. Zola Midi Dress

An emerald green dress for fancier occasions, the Zola Midi is mainly made out of viscose, a lightweight, soft material that’s going to make you shine. It has a slim-fit upper that widens gradually into a wider, more relaxed skirt. The back is partially open and secured with a tie.


2. Black Ciara Midi Dress

Comfort. confidence and attractive design are the main selling points of Ciara MIdi. This all-black dress features a more loose fit with butterfly sleeves and an open back – perfect for a combination with high heels.


3. Vienna Mini Dress

Casual and colorful, the Vienna Mini dress is ideal when you want to spend the whole day outdoors. It’s made out of 100% organic cotton for ultimate comfort, and the beautiful strawberry print adds contrast to the white background.


4. Rio Mini Dress

Whether you’re going out on a walk or getting ready for a night out, the Rio Mini dress goes along with almost any footwear. It has an attractive checkered pattern that combines purple, orange, black, and white.


5. Alexa Mini Dress

The floral design of the Alexa Mini makes it an ideal everyday dress. Short sleeves and a V-shaped collar are perfect for those hotter days when you want to be both cozy and stylish.


6. Madeline Midi Dress

Made in collaboration with Silver Studio designer Madeleine Lawrence, this dress of the same name has a delicate floral print and a longer skirt that’s made to go with high heels. It has open sides to keep you cool during the intense summer heat.


7. Rosie Midi Dress

This black and red cherry dress features a sleek, retro look that can be combined with trainers and heels alike. It has puff sleeves and leg slits, as well as a hidden zipper on the side to help you get in and out of it easily.


8. Nora Midi Dress

The modest Nora Midi is made out of 100% polyester, making it wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean. The brown color is contrasted with white cherries all over the dress, making it suitable for both casual and somewhat formal wear.


9. Starlight Midi Dress

Inspired by vintage styles, the Starlight Midi dress introduces a button-down front, puff sleeves, and a V-neckline. It’s both simple and trendy, and the whole dress has a pleasant, yellow color.