Exercise is a great way to stay healthy, and one of the best ways to do it is by biking. Biking places less stress on your joints than running, and you’ll get just as much exercise! But not all bikes are made equal — there’s a right bike for every type of person.

1. The Full Body Bike

The full-body bike lets you work out with both arms while also having the ability to lean back on the seat or use upper body weight resistance through handles or attached weights. As you pedal, your upper body is constantly moving and being worked out as well as your legs — this type of bike is great for people who have lots of weight to lose, or who are looking for a good aerobic workout because it allows you to stay in one place.


You can generate the most resistance with this kind of bike, which can keep your heart rate up.

Allows you to work out all parts of your body at once.

You don’t have to use any weights or anything other than your body weight, so it’s easy to take with you on trips.

You can add extra resistance by adjusting your position on the seat.


Upper body exercises can put more stress on your joints than leg exercises.

The full-body bike is more expensive because of its construction.

Why a Full Body Bike is a Right Choice for You

If you’re just starting, if you have bad joints or prefer not to use weights, or if you want an all-over workout and a way to lose weight without having to take an additional supplement like protein powder, then the full-body bike might be your best choice. It allows you to work out all of your muscles with ease while staying in one place.


The full-body bike is a great way to exercise, and since it lets you use upper body resistance it’s a good choice for people who want to work their arms too.