These nine allergy relief medicine products are proven to work.


1. Sunmark Childrens Allergy Liquid Sugar Free Grape Flavor

Comes in a delicious grape flavor your kid will love, the Sunmark Liquid Allergy Relief doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar. Each dose alleviates watery eyes, itchy nose and throat as well as sneezing.


2. Mylan Cetirizine HCI Allergy Relief

Contain indoor and outdoor allergies quickly and gain 24 hour relief from itchy and watery eyes, or sneezing with this proven antihistamine. The tablets are small and easy to take in, and you get a hefty supply per bottle.

3. Health-Star Complete Allergy Relief Antihistamine

Has similarities to Benadryl UltraTabs in that you get 25mg of diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Say goodbye to allergies with this potent product. You can go about your day without being bothered.


4. Benadryl Allergy Antihistamine - Box of 24

Small tablets are always welcome in allergy meds, and the Benadryl Allergy doesn’t disappoint. When you need quick relief from watery eyes and sneezing, try this tablet. It will surely deliver.


5. Sunmark Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Antihistamine Box of 15

The Sunmark Hydrochloride Antihistamine covers a wide variety of allergies, from sneezing to itchy throat and nose due to the food or season. It has the original prescription strength and comes with 180mg active ingredient to deal with allergies and their complications.


6. Geri-Care Geri-Drill Allergy Relief Antihistamine

The smaller the tablet size for allergies, the better. Geri-Case has some of the smallest available, which is a blessing for those who have difficulty swallowing or taking in their meds. A single bottle contains a thousand tablets so you get relief anytime, anywhere.


7. Sunmark Allergy Relief Chlorpheniramine Maleate

If regular allergy meds are not effective then you should definitely try this one. It has 4mg of chlorpeniramine maleate, which is comparable to active ingredient Chlor-Trimeton and is just as good in relieving itchy eyes, nose and throat, among others.


8. Sunmark Childrens Loratadine Syrup Antihistamine

Give your child allergy relief in liquid form for easier absorption and intake. The Sunmark Children’s Loratadine contains 5mg per 5mL and has similar properties to Children’s Claritin Syrup 24-Hour. The fruit-flavored syrup will make them forget that they’re drinking medicine.


9. Sunmark Nasal Decongestant PE Tablets

If you need to unclog your nose in a hurry, then try this maximum strength PE tablets. You get 10mg of phenylephrine hydrochloride, which aims to clear your nasal passage quickly and safely.