1. Camila Velvet Sofa

Inspired by a rustic design, the Camila Velvet sofa is a synonym for a luxurious appearance. The green silky smooth velvet upholstery combined with the wraparound back makes for a perfect addition to your living room.


2. Roma Sofa

A wavy rubberwood foundation holds a beautiful, ivory-colored foam and polyester cushioned seat. The two-seat construction is accompanied by two throw pillows while the slab legs provide solid support for the entire sofa.


3. Isobel Love Seat

The lightweight two-seater features a textured, woven design alongside three throw pillows and two round pillows for added comfort. Its geometric, ergonomic design means that you can sit on it for hours on end without any soreness.


4. Greta Sectional Sofa

If you need a lot of space, look no further. This rust-colored sectional sofa features a two-seater, three-seater, and a corner piece that can fit an additional person. Everything is covered with polyester and linen while the base is made out of durable eucalyptus and plywood.


5. Matilda Beanbag Floor Sofa

Arguably the softest sofa on the market, this piece of furniture features a cushioned, ribbed upholstery with a plush feel to it. The neutral ivory color ensures that it will fit in regardless of your living room design.


6. Rory Sectional Sofa

This two-piece sectional sofa introduces a boucle padding with small curls that give it a stylish look. However, it does require prior assembly since it comes in two separate boxes, but the final result is more than worth it.

7. Modular Recycled Leather Sofa

While it might look like a classy, traditional leather sofa at first, it’s much more than that. This three-piece seater can be arranged however you like. It includes an armchair, an armless chair, and an ottoman all with recycled leather upholstery that can be very easily maintained.


8. Greta Recycled Leather Xl Sleeper Sofa

Greta Sleeper sofa is an attractive, legless sofa that can be transformed into a bed in just a few seconds. The full leather body is held in place by a robust metal frame that has three possible positions – fully upright, fully flat, and halfway reclined.