One of the biggest challenges of today is protecting our kids while also ensuring they can be connected at a moment’s notice. Luckily the company Gabb has done just that. Here, we’ve curated 7 different Gabb products that are perfect for your kid while also giving them plenty of access to you and their friends.

1. Gabb Phone

The phone that is meant for keeping your kids safe while still allowing you to stay in contact with them, the Gabb phone is built around offering you peace of mind as it doesn’t include any access to the internet, social media, or online games.

2. Gabb Blast Speaker

If your kid wants to play music freely, no matter where you go, this blast speaker is the way to do it. It offers 360-degree audio and is incredibly versatile and portable.

3. Gabb Buds

The ideal answer to listening to music on the go, these portable charging earphones are the perfect answer to quality at a reasonable price.

4. Gabb Phone Screen Protector

A scratch-resistant cover for your phone’s screen, this protector keeps it safe from smudges and small-drop impacts while keeping everything looking as good as new.

5. Gabb Phone Slim Case

Great for keeping your phone safe from minor accidents, the slim case will have your phone looking new without being particularly bulky.

6. Gabb Phone Tough Case

An alternative to the slim case, this case is meant to offer impressive defense and protection against slips, drops, and falls.

7. Gabb Watch 2

If you’ve ever loved the Apple Watch, this will be right up your alley. The Gabb Watch 2 takes all the great things from the original Gabb Watch such as its cell phone and GPS capabilities. Not only that but it can be used entirely free from any other Gabb device.