These 11 pants are made with premium materials and offer a stylish fit.


1. High-Rise Faux Leather Latex Look Slim Leg Ankle Pant

What’s shiny and draws the eye of the crowd to your figure? It’s the faux leather latex look pant, that’s what. You can get it in black or Sullivan blue and complete a bold statement to wow onlookers.


2. High Waisted Striped Skinny Ankle Pant

Send a colorful statement and become a fashion icon once you wear this pant out. You can pair with a plain colored shirt or blazer for a nice touch.


3. Whitney Faux Leather High Waisted Pull On Slim Leg Pant

Leather looks nice and feels great, but who says that you can’t make it into a pant? A high waisted number with a slim fit, these pants will complement your figure easily.


4. Windowpane Print High Waisted Kick Crop Pant

A kick crop number that won’t restrict your movement. The design is to die for, and you’ll be surprised at how well it pairs with your wardrobe collection. All you need is to complete the look and you can paint the town red in style.


5. Pull On Mid-Rise Plaid Bootcut Ponte Pant Superflex

The one pant that has it all- fashionable, movable and flexible. The fabric is double knit and it can flatter, contour and stretch accordingly. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles, and the pant offers a bootcut silhouette to go with your favorite shoes.


6. High-Waisted Windowpane Print Bootcut Pant

What’s retro yet sophisticated and never goes out of style? It’s you when you wear these printed pant item. The fit is super flattering and you can hide or show the waist end, thanks to the high placement.


7. Mid-Rise Modern Bootcut Pant - All Season Stretch

The Modern Bootcut Pant is the perfect work clothes, with a subtle below the knee flare and mid-rise characteristics. You get a bonus hook and bar closure and belt loops for support. The full length pant is comfortable enough to be worn all day.


8. Straight Leg Pant - Essential Stretch

Featuring none of the restrictive fabric found in other pants, you’re free to move around however you want with this versatile number. It’s a pull-on style and sports front pockets for your phone and other essentials.


9. Mid-Rise Straight Leg Pant

A straight leg pant that consists of traditional cotton blend, you’ll love the way these pants feel even after a long day. You can pair with sneakers or heels to accentuate or improve style and movability.


10. Signature Fit Straight Leg Pant - All Season Stretch

These women’s pant is sure to become your favorite. Featuring a classic straight leg silhouette and high waist that shows off your natural figure, and belt loops to hold everything in place.


11. Super High Rise Seam Front Ankle Pant Essential Stretch

Stretch your pant however you want with Essential Stretch fabric material and a contemporary look that never goes out of style. These pants come in fuschia purple, glimmering green, curry yellow and black.